Combat Arms Hacks Downloads for Summer 2011

Free Combat Arms Hacks Downloads at

Free Combat Arms Hacks Downloads at

Well, here we go again.

It’s basically summer 2011 now (winter for all of our mates in Australia :thumbsup:) and so I know that you guys are looking for hacks and what not for Combat Arms! Well, you’re in luck we got some free aimbots and chams, wallhacks, etc, all in stock at the moment! They’re all unpatched/undetected for Combat Arms North America. Sorry Europe, we’ll hook you up soon!


Combat Arms Hacks Wiki with download links

Rumor is that Chhansen from is starting up a wiki for game hacks and downloads. It will have free guides and tutorials on how to hack games like combat arms, maplestory, and maybe even the new Call of Duty: Black Ops video games!!

Sounds really cool, right? If you’re interested in checking it out, go over to and it should be coming out within the next couple of days. In the meantime, stay frosty my friends 🙂

Free Combat Arms Hacks for Summer 2010!!

Yep! It’s Summer already! And what does that mean? More free combat arms hacks! It’s really been a while and the whole hacking thing is easing up a bit, but for those of you still interested, we think that you can still get what you want.

So cutting to the chase, you can download em here.

Free Combat Arms Hacks | Spring 2010

Well, we’re looking at Spring of 2010 now, and that doesn’t mean that the hacks for Combat Arms don’t keep coming! Remember back when there were hacks released from a thousand websites and there were a bunch of aimbotters and wallhackers that were just flying around everywhere in game? Well unfortunately that’s not how it is anymore, but you can still be in the wallhacking club with some new cheats, fresh off the pan!

Free Download for Hacks Here

Free Combat Arms Wallhacks

Free Combat Arms Wallhacks

Free Combat Arms Hacks, VIP 2010

Well, it’s almost 2010, so Happy Holidays everybody!

We’ve seen some awesome hacks for Combat Arms these last few months, and they’re all still available for free download. They range from aimbots, chams, and other wall hacks. Just download them for Combat Arms here.
Meanwhile, we noticed that IG4L is having a few contests again! They seem to be pretty simple and easy to win free Combat Arms VIP Hacks. Sounds pretty cool right?!

Combat Arms Hacks July

Just wanted to let you guys know, July Combat Arms hacks are out, and they do work with the Power Surge pack and the Specialists.
Knock yourselves out 😛

Download Combat Arms Hacks

Combat Arms Hacks Fireteam Patch Chams

Breaking News: Combat Arms Chams Hack for the new Fireteam June patch has just been released! With summer right around the corner, this is a great time to pick up the hacks and win all your battles!


Go download it now!

New Combat Arms Fireteam Patch – Need some hacks?

There are a few basic things you can get, but they won’t help you out much.

Just wait for MPGH  to come out with their new Combat Arms Public Hacks 🙂

In the Mean Time, check out these videos:

New Patch. Less Hacks. Some Basic Combat Arms “Mods” still work!

Yes, no, maybe so. Those little mods for Combat Arms still work after the new May patch. They aren’t full hacks, as they just let you do things that a pro would normaly do.
These two mods include a Bunny Hop hack that spams your Space Button. There is also a “Less/No Recoil” mod that makes a few changes to the way your mouse works.

Anyways, if you are interested, you can always check them out for download over there —->
Just kidding, it’s down here!

Working Combat Arms Hacks for Free | Yes, they are back!

Great news for all of you Combat Arms Hackers. Free Chams, Wallhack, No Fog, etc are all back! You better get them while they are hot 🙂