Not all hacks cost money! Team IG4L With a free, working Speed Hack!

Well, this new hack has left all of the free loaders stranded with nothing. Most bigger hack sites have some basic hacks, however all of those good hacks cost around $20 to use.

Team I-G4L discovered a speed hack however. Not designed for Combat Arms, perhaps origianlly made by Soft Cows to speed up the pc system. How ever, the speed up for the system also speeds up games.

Introducing a free, working, unpatchable speed hack. And not only that, theoretically it will work with just about every game out there. I’m sure you’ll love using this hack. Not only is it fun and hilarious to use, it helps level you faster, but most importantly it is free!

Team IG4L Will continue to release hacks for free, no price, no scams. All completly free hacks for the end user to enjoy. Many new hacks to come soon as well as fixing up some others.

Have fun and Hack Wisely!

Visit for the forums with the hacks and just check out the Combat Arms section!

Images or Videos coming Soon!


12 comments so far

  1. Vamp_09 on

    sweet lol lets all go knock off runescape one last time XD

  2. help on

    help were is the download for this hack? how do i make it work?

  3. Adrian on

    plz can i have the speed hack i need it

  4. ig4l on

    follow the links

  5. Martin on


  6. mick on

    you guys need to get a life and stop fucking up good games

  7. Basel on

    i want the speed hack! how do i get it?

  8. Basel on

    yo i need the speed hack this web sit sucks i cant get any thing.

  9. angelito melchor on


  10. fdfd on


  11. elestGeta on

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  12. Matt on

    Personal thoughts are that everyone being out to make a buck is what ruins stuff. I remember when hacks used to be free, and websites used to be less annoying. When something isn’t free it basically makes everything worse for me. So if a website has to be annoyed by the US Federal trade commission it just makes me happy — at least something is screwing with the people who screw with me.

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