Free Combat Arms Chams, Wallhack, Aim-Bot, No Recoil, Name Tags, No Fog! One Step Setup!


A new wall hack is released that will work with anyone!

This is a Free Combat Arms Chams wall hack with no recoil and will only take you one step to setup. Guaranteed to work with the new brush wood patch!

Click here ( for the link to this amazing hack and others!


86 comments so far

  1. Miko on


  2. dikhead on


  3. mignhawk on

    verrry goood maaan

  4. chalupa on

    sweet thanks

  5. Kevin on

    Cool hax

  6. noobie on

    wheres the link/place to download the hack????

  7. kilt haker on

    stoopid haxors

  8. fuck you on

    wow…fucking gay

  9. 1 on


  10. brady on


  11. David Yeo on


  12. David Yeo on

    Super Lame

  13. David Yeo on

    Extremely Lame

  14. David Yeo on

    Sucks dude

  15. David Yeo on

    Sucks like bull hell

  16. Billy Bill on

    You shouldn’t be hacking anyway newbie! Learn how to actually play you morons.

  17. zack on

    this is really cool:p

  18. unknown on

    wheres the link?

  19. some guy? on

    does this cham work?

  20. gundom on

    yes best hack ever and if free

  21. Theshooter on

    how do i download this?

  22. caio on

    fais mais cheat ae e libera a arma nx

  23. thrasher on

    how the hel do i dl this program?

  24. XxxsPaZxxX on

    ima still gettin them they good?

  25. xxxxlolxxxx on

    where is the damn lonk to get it

  26. jeru on

    srry dudes

  27. jordan5A on

    wow i cant find the way to drag it on the combat arms folder….it says the modules cant get in or sometin

  28. Fuckyou on


  29. tataimama123 on


  30. marmel213 on

    cant find a free cham, can anyone send me a link directly to the downloader?

  31. gegut on


  32. xQuarantine on

    Where do you download the hack at?

  33. stefan on

    um is this acually a good ,FREE hack or just another bull shit one, what is this hack for?

  34. poop on

    lol its gay

  35. just a question on

    hey does this hack isnt patched?!? i wanna know to download it and use it by the way i think is cool 😛

  36. i dont get it!! on

    i dont get it man…. how do u get the hacks? and i want
    chams not any other one but chams

  37. Speko on

    This is BULLSHIT!!!! Learn to play fair STUPID NOOB!!!!

  38. killa on

    HEy can anyone send the hack to my email the website is down my email is

  39. coisuu on

    hey guyes, someone can put here a website where i can get free wall hack or chams??

  40. brazilian anti hacker/noob/american on

    Na boa, como pode ser idotas assim ?
    bem ja que a nexon baniu a vinculação do jogo no Brasil, então invadimos os Estados Unidos,vocês é so marketing.

    Somos melhore mesmo sem hacker, ja que não compramos fazemos os hacker.

    fuck you!!!

  41. want to know the link on

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa were can i get those hacks men!!!!????

  42. want to know the link on


  43. parker on

    where do u download the hacks??? i want them bad!!!!!!

  44. pwned on

    half the ppl who posted comments say dont hax well y the fuck did u look uo hax dum shit and seconed i click the link and nuthing happens

  45. george lopez on

    Don’t buy this.. has malware

  46. q and a on

    hacks are illeegal by the way. if u use hacks they will ban ur account. hacks are gaay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. yummy on

    i don’t know what your talking bout guys

  48. yummy on

    silly rabbits hacks are for nerds lol

  49. Pussy Licker on

    there’s no link on

    its a VIRUS site, lol

    ,e’mail me and i’ll explain,

  50. Justin on

    I keep gettin link that give me virus’s or dead ends… >.>

  51. Zachary on

    ][_, {[]} ][_,

  52. h@cker on

    it is virus??

  53. Ya Mum on

    this is SHIT!!!!

  54. xxthekillxxx on

    what wedsite

  55. FK THIS SHIT on

    this stuff ruined my windows operator and is now patched dont bother

  56. xxthekillxxx on


  57. xxthekillxxx on

    hack are so cool ‘U’lol

  58. towellie2 on

    how do u make a hack

  59. really!!!!!!!! on

    this is gay if u hak u will get reported and then u wont be able to play at all fucking retardz

  60. Just wow. on

    Honestly, fuck people who are against hacks. Stop bitching. Get some hacks try them out and have some fun. SOME people will hack the wrong way and fuck over noobs. Hack only rooms are the shit. Some people suck suck so bad they need hacks to play fair. I lost my hacks not too long ago and noticed the hacking has made me more observant, gave me a quicker reaction time, and just an overall just a better player when i don’t use hacks. So fuck all the haters, go suck the world’s largest dick!!

  61. alex on

    ha… dick… lol

  62. mr anderson on

    that would be my dick

  63. ssdagetss on

    100 % work chams
    no virus
    no need off antivirus

  64. Fiko on

    A noobs are a noobs and a hacks can only help you get baned!
    BTW :I stil pwn hackers whit unb +++++++ :))))
    P.S. this site will be history real soon :))

  65. CUNT EATER on

    lol you guys are stupid. if u want good hax with no viruses get some ragekings hax. but im just a mod there so i get em free =))

  66. nnnn on

    A noobs are a noobs and a hacks can only help you get baned!wher is the link i cant fuken find it and this is for nooobs

  67. brandon on

    plz i want hacks =)

  68. brandon on

    plz give me my hacks plz =)

  69. headburst42 on

    a noobs are for noobsand a hacks can onlyhelp you get banned where is the link i cant fuken find it and this is for nooooobs

  70. CATAHИCT on

    Да, похоже что в действительности – так оно и есть. P.S. Сайт, кстати, у вас прикольно сверстан 🙂

  71. iNeedHelp on

    How do i download this hacK?!

  72. Рубен Павленко on

    Хм… Какой кошмар!

  73. nicolas on

    I want that hack please!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. corey on

    where is the link!?!!!?? i belive it wrks but where is it !??!!!!?!?

  75. nathan on

    mom and dad want let me get hack so sad

  76. learn to play noobs on

    you guys reley need hacks to win get a life

  77. janet smith on

    i own the east coast rights to nexxon i need tp make a appointment to see you in regaurds to a law suit im filling againts u nfor fruad, illeage hacks, theft of game play codex, and 16 other accounts

  78. xinidakos on

    xaxax it works

  79. ahmed on


  80. bbooky on

    Books in PDF format, free to download

    Free books

  81. cefer on

    nice nice nice nice supeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  82. Ur mother on

    OMFG all inhere need to get some fucking skillz ❤

  83. facebook hack game on

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    My brother suggested I might like this web site. He was entirely right.
    This put up actually made my day. You cann’t believe just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

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    as I found this article at this web page.

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