[ByteAir Contest] Free Combat Arms VIP Hacks, NX, Accounts, & Cash

Hey guys!

Just letting you guys know ByteAir Media is having a contest. Here’s a quote:

And here we go again with the contests. As promised, there will be three winners that will include the option of Combat Arms VIP hacks or NX, Cash, etc! thumbsup.gif

Now I won’t keep you waiting. Of course you want to know all the options for the winners:


Open to All Winners: (Anyone can win – But there are still a few conditions)

First Place:

THiSGaMeSuX 40 VIP Combat Arms Hacks + 10,000 NX
30,000 NX
$30 Cash via PayPal

Second Place: (Previous contest winners do not qualify for second place)
THiSGaMeSuX 40 VIP Combat Arms Hacks

20,000 NX


$20 Cash via PayPal

Third Place:

10,000 NX


$10 Cash via PayPal


Special Winners: (Staff Members Only Contest)

First Place:

THiSGaMeSuX 40 VIP Combat Arms Hacks

20,000 NX


$20 Cash via PayPal

Second Place:

10,000 NX


$10 Cash via PayPal

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your prize. If you displace it, or become suspended from usage of your winnings, we will not replace them.


What do you have to do?
It’s a All-Around-Media contest!

This means that anything you do to support ByteAir Media Sites (http://ig4l.net & http://mmostorm.com) will get register you a few “points”. The winners will be determined by the number of “points” he or she has.

TGS VIP for Combat Arms are used in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCSgCeSEMPg


Here is a quick mark up on how the scoring is done:

10 Useful Posts = 1 Point
1 Video (must be uploaded to Youtube with one of the ByteAir Media Sites mentioned in the title and in the video, as well as a link in the info) = 1-10 Points
Other Types of Media (GFX, etc) = 1-10 Points

Having at least 50 posts is also a recommendation to increase your chances in winning.

Videos are scored like this:

Video Example 1-5 Points: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNTItQ_0mrs
Video Example 6-10 Points: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4a57K2RQoY&fmt=22 (Thanks to UnrealMagicx for letting us use his video as an example)

There are no limits to how many points, videos, and posts that you make and receive.

So now, if you want to win. You better get started!


You also get points for the same things on MMOStorm.com !


Winners will be announced on April 22, marking Earth Day!

Please post your entries in this topic. Videos must be uploaded to Youtube with the site you are advertising (http://ig4l.net or http://mmostorm.com) mentioned in the title and in the video, as well as a link in the info.

I hope that some wins this. It seems pretty neat!


40 comments so far

  1. f,.uck this on

    wtf this is gay all the ppl that use ur hacks like tgs and ppl that help u get bisnes should get nx for free from you like wth or vips like opk i want it i have links for tgs pub with the speed hack in it like fuck i am helpin big time so far 30 ppl have the hack i posted but w.e i wish i could get it free but w.e

  2. f,.uck this on

    email me if u want sumthin iight peace

  3. f,.uck this on

    no email iloveshyanna@live.ca iight

  4. Gray on

    hey here r som ways and websites to hack: here of course, is the best way, theres also mpgh.net, ig4l.net, thisgamesux.net, and to find ones i havent posted, goto http://www.google.com to search, ask.com to also search, and phpnuke.com to search.
    plzzzzzz let me win!

  5. xyersonx23 on


  6. xyersonx23 on


  7. lolumad on

    this is so cool with nx unsstuff camo g

  8. emin3m on

    iwant the ghost mode hack plz

  9. blackshyguy on

    hey i want the hacks w/ nx how do i enter another contest ive been trying to get some nx w/ hacks its just my mom wont let me get it.ps im 10 and i can get u some accounts no hacks or nx but i think some1 is ganna give him some but ur giving 30,000 nx w/ hacks and i want hacks and nx oh boy plz message me on youtube my account name is supershyguy76 it was ganna be blackshyguy cause shyguy off of mario and luigi games cause he rockzzzzzzzz shyguy for eva.but ya i would like some hacks and nx.and my combat arms account name is realfatman plzzz add me on both accounts

  10. j03ym0nt4n42 on

    hey i just want nx cash (30,000 nx)i want can i have theys nx ???

  11. lucas french on

    i wan tosme nx i only want 100000

  12. adam on

    i want 30,00 nx very bad

  13. peewee on


  14. peewee on


  15. peewee on

    yeah right

  16. peewee on

    name is shit in this world lol

  17. donotdelete on

    hi i wana win

  18. yourPIMP. on

    guess what?
    i OWN YOU. hahahahahahahahaha
    whats tyhat you say? i DONT OWN YOU? do you know what i do to people that dont let me own them? i slice your veins and use your blood as syrup on my pancakes. cannibalism? i dont think not bizzzoch! haha
    so i think its best for the two, three four, or even 5 of us if i own you. bloody panckaes make my stummy hurt. the point of this comment thingie is… alynna owns you. (c: always.

  19. peewee on

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

  20. zero fear on

    Hi, I really do need this hack. I have no skillz and people make fun of me all time about it.Now I want sock it to them and show up and own them.Again PLEASE GIVE ME THIS HACK.

  21. Kaosdk on

    Well I don’t know what to say you all sound convincing but I do need nx I have nomoney of my own to pay for nx and I’m deffinetly a newbe but if you can’t give me any I’ll just keep trying to beat the people who can. Thank You for your time,

  22. brianftlewis on

    just spent $70 with mycheats.com and got nothing

  23. brianftlewis on

    help me out plz tired of hacks hacking to death now

  24. yaya on

    hi all

  25. nobody on

    how can i get nx
    ve you got hack for this
    pls help me

  26. paul77570 on

    thanks for hack

  27. elisd on

    need nx im diying

  28. agentclank on

    plz I can’t get any hacks anywhere else so far I trust this website.

  29. agentclank on

    I can trust u guys I hope

  30. agentclank on

    I hope I can trust you guys I can’t find or get any other hacks on any other websites.

  31. agentclank on

    plz let me get hacks on here I hope I can trust this website.

  32. agentclank on

    I dont know how to get hacks.

  33. agentclank on

    You are posting to quikly slow down.

  34. punkbeater on

    hi im punkbeater on combatarms i need hacks because i keep geting poned by hackers so mite as well kill them back so can you send me hacks like health circle and wall gliches cool thanks bye

  35. lucas on

    eu nao comcigui baixa o hack

  36. Yarik on

    http://www.nexon.xost.me gift 1.000 NX FREE

  37. jesse on

    Wow i can’t find anything… every time i try to look up hacks for combat arms then I always have to do surveys or somewhat shit. It’s bullshit i can’t fucking get hacks without downloading a file but i don’t want to cause it makes my computer go very very slow…Iv’e only download Black Cipher 6 hacks but it still won’t let me do it:( help me out please… Go to the link in description below to get hacks…hope it works for you gamers out there:)………………….http.//BlackCipher6.com…..:) enjoy hope u know how to do it

  38. mokhtar on

    i want to get free nx for save my meny
    plss help me tell me how to get this free nx in combat arms

  39. sadwdasadw@hotmail.com on

    pls hack

  40. chabilal upadhyay on

    I am impressed this business

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