Hi! I’m Sam!

Hi everyone!

I forgot to tell you guys that I’m Sam. I’m taking over all these blogs and stuff for IG4L.

We’re sorry for all the downtime guys. It took longer to figure out who was going to be in charge. And I got lucky!

Wish me luck 😛

And don’t worry, we’ll still have those great Combat Arms Hacks. I think there are a few things in the previous posts that are pretty cool.

Why are you still reading this? Go! There are lot’s of games to cheat in you know? I’m sure IG4L, TGS, MPGH, GA, MMOSTORM, FPSCHEATS, NK, GZP, GHZ, GNZ, and what ever will have all those things! … god did I just say that in one breath?


2 comments so far

  1. Angel on

    Hey dude if u hack… can u give me some my email is
    ashlis9087@rocketmail so plz plzzzz can u send me some hacks ty

  2. Help ME on

    hey man can you send me some hacks because if you play CA i wanna go kill people and get a whole bunch of GP so if you dont mind sending me some hacks my email is Dshepherd1998@yahoo.com Thanks.

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