Free Combat Arms Hacks, VIP 2010

Well, it’s almost 2010, so Happy Holidays everybody!

We’ve seen some awesome hacks for Combat Arms these last few months, and they’re all still available for free download. They range from aimbots, chams, and other wall hacks. Just download them for Combat Arms here.
Meanwhile, we noticed that IG4L is having a few contests again! They seem to be pretty simple and easy to win free Combat Arms VIP Hacks. Sounds pretty cool right?!


192 comments so far

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  14. cédric on

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  15. hotweapons12 on

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  16. elmer on

    are they patched now?

  17. big boyz on

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  18. shafwat on

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  19. QuickShot on

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  21. hunter on
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  25. Brittany Cox on

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  34. Zack Yuo on

    I’m curious to try this out, if you don’t mind and have the time, send the hack at Thank You.

    By the way, maybe a “hacker madder” could make a hack that protect someone to be “kill” by a hacking person. Could be surely interesting.

  35. gilad on

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  36. Richard on

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  48. free hacks...awesome!!!! on

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  50. victor on

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  51. Richard on

    Seriously! Stop being noobs and hack! Learn to play like everyone else noobs!

  52. vincent on

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  63. STB95 on

    do the hacks come with instructions?…cuz i can never figure out how to use them, oh and can you please e-mail the instructions too me if their isnt any

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  153. JZisME on

    hi. i got a question. and i need help on my combat arms hacks.
    when i use my see through hacks right. after i finish the game, and i put the hacks bak to my hacks folder, and i restart my combat arms. and my character is whole different color. and i cant change it bak to my normals color.
    When can i download this new hack? can u please send it to my E-mail please. thankyou. =]

  154. JZisME on

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