Combat Arms Hacks Wiki with download links

Rumor is that Chhansen from is starting up a wiki for game hacks and downloads. It will have free guides and tutorials on how to hack games like combat arms, maplestory, and maybe even the new Call of Duty: Black Ops video games!!

Sounds really cool, right? If you’re interested in checking it out, go over to and it should be coming out within the next couple of days. In the meantime, stay frosty my friends 🙂


98 comments so far

  1. raphael on

    plz trade me the hacks

  2. ssdsds on


  3. mutlucan on

    nee buu yaa

  4. mutlucan on

    ben mutlucan bu hackı nasıl indireceğimi arıyorum .:_?

  5. mutlucan on

    bu hack nasıl indiriliyor?

  6. vember on

    plis hacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. tyler on

    doet this realy work

  8. lextre15 on

    i need hacks please man

  9. lextre15 on

    i thick it wot wor but just give me hacks

  10. spawn_tank on well i’ve tried them but they dont let you download the hacks. they give u a link that explains how to use the hacks but not the hack itself.

  11. spawn_tank on

    also no one is just going to let you download hacks from a site for free, most of them say first fill out this survey to unlock the site (dont do it is a virus, even if you find a hack for free its outdated and dosnt work, so basicly the people with the real working hacks make you buy them so you can get banned, why not just do it for free instead.

  12. HYUO on

    please alll linc me hack forr combat arms dowload free pls all ok :):):)

  13. alex on

    thats stupid no one sends me hack

    any ways
    there is a web site that is called and it will show you free and real hacks if you dont get it please comment to me because i have hacks now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ed on

    Try this it’s works for me

  15. Michael on

    Try this it’s works for me

    THX and it’s works fantastic =) I recommend

  16. emanueke on

    mettete il dowland per scaricare gli hack gratis

  17. QP on

    go on youtube and tipe in hack sysem dame ass!!!!!!

  18. samsug162 on

    give me the goddame hacks

  19. pointless on sucks theres a mod called GOVNA and he abuses his ability to delete your post or keep you from using the site,in short he’s an a ss hole and they allow people to upload viruses with no scans they even have a warning on one hack thread that was a virus right now so dont go to that leeching place unless you like pricks with viruses

  20. trombly on

    hack w hack

  21. trombly on

    w hacher

  22. MertusTR on

    hile isteyenler suanda çalışan hile bende var girin sitesine indirin hemde site türkçe!!!

  23. Elitehack on

    go to they have the latest hacks over..

  24. eddy on

    Try this it’s works for me
    I recommend

  25. devon on

    this is the best

  26. tristian on

    i need some hacks pppppppppllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeeeeee

  27. tristian on

    where do you find any hacks

  28. g33zy on


  29. g33zy on


  30. peter on

    qwuro jak

  31. michael on

    trade the hacks plzzzz:P

  32. matt on


  33. matt on

    how do i get the hacks this realy sucks

  34. matt on

    niggers you suck

  35. karim on

    gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood man

  36. lextre15 on

    how do u get the hacks

  37. Hellrzr on

    ^^^^^^ You can find links and tutorials on IG4L. And if you have any problems with the mods please message me… we can talk. I am an admin 🙂

  38. huy on

    i lova hacks

  39. kyawsay on

    i need hacker i don’t know how to do can u tell me plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  40. daniel on

    vil være haka

  41. shawnlaporte on

    comment on fait pour avoir les criss de hacke il fodrat tu haker pour hacker tssier sais con

  42. shawnlaporte on

    non mais c frais

  43. joey on

    il a raison

    c frais

  44. joey on

    vrais je voulais dire vrais


  45. joey on

    non mais tire caca

  46. joey on

    shawn laporte pis moi on nais la meme personne lollllllll

  47. aie tout seux qui son qc je les suse

  48. akhs on


  49. fong on

    hate to get kill

  50. ksjd on

    nao consigo baixar

  51. brodik_proo on


  52. brodik_proo on

    i want any nx please

  53. (el.prens) on


  54. MAHIS on

    i haite

  55. rafael on

    eu presiso de hark pra jogar combat arms

  56. abdomohamed on

    pleas a

  57. abdomohamed on

    i want to hack

  58. rarayyy7 on

    I want to hack to Join my on the hack ! PLS

  59. Manu on

    Please send me a Link to hack!!

  60. john on for FREE NX and HACKS

  61. prfy14 on

    this is my account

  62. prfy14 on

    i no how to fly hack
    i am the last ranck

  63. carl-emil on

    i get hack i am so noob plzzz hck

  64. Blizzard Toad on

    Combat Arms Hacks download link.

  65. justice on

    plz send me some hacks…i tryed my hole life to find some hacks.if played combat arms sence i was a kid.plz i need hacks so bad:-(

  66. Hasselhoff1 on

    I need D3D + OPK Fireteam hack, who’s help me ?

  67. daad on


  68. Ahmed Youssef on


  69. Ahmed Youssef on


  70. MeeMoo17 on

    nice hacks pls……..

  71. ahemad on


  72. ahmed on

    where it ?

  73. juca on

    esse hacker é demais

  74. msaa on


  75. yosf1000 on


  76. LOL on

    Lol hackers are noobs :p

  77. kkiillaa on

    im new but can i have the hacks please

  78. patrick on

    give me mod menu =D

  79. agex2010 on


  80. maik on


  81. timor on


  82. timor on

    plz i need hacker 🙂

  83. ashbel on

    can i have some hacks please? 🙂

  84. aurked on

    ha piz lat me get this hack

  85. aurked on

    ha people combat is the best

  86. Jimmy on

    Fuck hackers fuck hackers fuck hackers

  87. Naison on

    como eu faço pra baixa um hacker pessoal me ajuda

  88. lol12345 on

    lol noooooob facker

  89. anas on


  90. guilherme on

    qeru haki

  91. 4QA56T 46 on

    GJJXYJYJ SRTY SRTY SRTA UD AER r b y s aer y a4t at tb w4 45

  92. lisa on

    i need to hack man

  93. aspion on


  94. aspion on

    gays hou want free hack go two free hack dowlad ….

  95. fsfsfsfsf on

    hi plz hack

  96. cheap car insurance on

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  97. vbncnbvn on

    n1 hack

  98. caki555 on

    my hacks to be

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